Hello, my name is Anne Ayla Jaasma – Allround Stylist. Specialized in Fashion and Media styling.

I graduated with honors at Academie Artemis in July 2018. I’ve always been inspired and amazed by the movement and vagueness in images. When I started to drift more towards fashion and media this fascination grew towards destruction and construction, separating for example a piece of art to construct it together differently.

My inspiration comes from a rather sober color pallet. In this I find endlessness, timelessness and strength.

The messy but organized contrast which reflects in my work can not be forgotten, to find a balance in this is always a new and exciting challenge.

I have a small obsession with perfectionism and detail. Every step is carefully thought of and considered.

Tel: +31(0)6 11 15 29 59

Currently based in Amsterdam

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